Radio: Fake health news
Interview with Sarah McInerney on Newstalk Drive, Newstalk FM, 28 March 2017

Public speaking: Psychology, science, and communication
Interval act delivered at FameLab Galway, 21 February 2017.

Radio: Fake news and bad science
Interview with Gavin Reilly on The Last Word, Today FM, 1 December 2016

Outreach: Myths Busted–Can you really die from a broken heart?
Contribution to the ReelLIFE SCIENCE 2016 video series, 1 November 2016.

Press: On alternative therapies
Contribution to article in the Irish Independent, 12 October 2016: “Alternative therapies: What’s fact, what’s fiction?”

Press: On psychics and psychologists
Contribution to article in the Sunday Independent, 14 August 2016: “Are psychics the new psychologists?”

Public Speaking: Stress and abnormality
Set delivered at Bright Club Dublin, 10 May 2016. Filmed and edited by Mark Cantan

Radio: Rethinking Psychology
Interview with Jonathan McCrea on Futureproof, Newstalk FM, 7 May 2016

Radio: Rethinking Psychology
Interview with Keith Finnegan, Galway Bay FM, 25 April 2016

Public Speaking: Stress psychology
Set delivered at Bright Club Galway, 14 April 2016. Filmed and edited by Kevin Handy

Lecture: From lab study to lay audience: Adventures in science communication
Public lecture at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 17 September 2015

Radio: On the evolution of religion
Contribution to documentary series Life Matters, RTE Radio One, 22 March 2015

Lecture: The point of psychology (And how it gets missed)
Keynote lecture at the PSI Early Graduate Group annual conference, 28 February 2015. Audio + slides

Lecture: Literacy in the 21st Century: Word, Web, Woo
Keynote lecture at the #celt12 conf (“The Written Word: Writing, Publishing, and Communication in Higher Education”) held in Galway, Ireland, June 2012. Video created and originally uploaded to by @iainmacl

Radio: On the psychology of crowd behaviour
Interview with Sean Moncrieff, Newstalk FM, 21 May 2012

Radio: Could your personality be making you sick?
Interview with Jonathan McCrea on Futureproof, Newstalk FM, 18 February 2012